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May 22nd, 2011, 6:44 pm



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Yubria, May 22nd, 2011, 7:08 pm     Reply

Question of the week: do you like Kydera better with her hair up or down?
And bonus question: which do you think would be scarier- three centaurs duking it out (all of which weigh well over 1,000 lbs each, ESPECIALLY Iavar) or the fact that Reanin is definitely capable of stopping said fight?

So I was totally going to finish this page in time to update last week, but that, unfortunately didn't happen due to some sort of virus I managed to bring home from school. XI That, and the fact that we're moving, and my brain is starting to finally realize that I'm no longer limited to the school internet filters (random videos! yay!). But, I'm hoping to get back on a weekly (Sunday) update schedule and also get working on a buffer so you don't have to have another long hiatus once school starts again, because I've learned that just because I might have time for making pages doesn't mean I'll have the energy to.
And by the way- Inception. If you haven't seen it yet, drop everything you're doing and go watch it. I can't believe I waited this long to see it because the movie was AMAZING. Some part of me died when I realized what Avatar's plot was (and it died again when I read a summary of the original draft, which would've made a MUCH better movie... and it died yet again when I was exposed to the irrational mess that is the Twilight Saga) but Inception brought it back to life- because here is finally a movie that your brain has to be actively involved in just to follow the plot (and it was an amazing plot, btw). Don't get me wrong- every now and then I love watching something brain-numbingly stupid, but it's really really REALLY nice to know that there are people out there capable of making movies that have awesome, mind-blowing plots, complete with awesome characters, awesome actors, awesome graphics, and awesome fight scenes. Even better- they didn't feel the need to trash it up any. So yeah. My mind was blown by Inception. On a side note, if you don't know what How It Should've Ended is, Google it now. I love its sense of humor.

Theorah- Well, I have to give them some excuse by saying Iavar isn't the easiest guy to get along with... but yeah. They have an attitude. Yeah, after drawing from life so much I'm starting to realize how much I need reference.

Things- He'd sit still if he wanted... but I still wouldn't want to be his farrier. :P Iavar would likely give a running commentary on how well the farrier is or isn't doing. XD

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minotaurgirl, May 22nd, 2011, 11:20 pm     Reply

Iavar is rather massive, so I think I'd certainly be nervous during a fight he was having with someone-if I was too close and he moved the wrong way or he got thrown (not likely, but it could happen) I could easily get clobbered, crushed or hit by a misdirected kick and easily killed. Being small and relatively fragile around huge powerful creatures would kind of suck. Still, the fact that a human guy who does not seem to be of truly heroic proportions could stop a fight between three centaur, one of whom is massive and particularly muscular, is rather startling...but I still think the fight itself would scare me more if I was close.

Theorah, May 23rd, 2011, 5:31 pm     Reply

hehe show 'em who's boss, Iavar! XD

If you liked Inception, you might enjoy 'Vanilla Sky' as well, an equally thoughtful/action/bizzare film ^^

Get better soon! I look forward to comic updates, this comic is still awesome! :D

minotaurgirl, July 15th, 2011, 5:10 pm     Reply

Oh, on the Inception thing-inception ripped the plot from a Donald Duck comic. has an article on it, which I thought was hilarious. XD

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