Ch4 pg41

August 20th, 2012, 10:57 am



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Yubria, August 20th, 2012, 11:38 am     Reply

This week's vote incentive- a screen shot of the new Chapter 1 page 3. This one is much closer to being finished. I just need to add magic, a little more lighting, and some more snow effects and such. And figure out how to convey what noise Willowtail is making in the second panel. If you can imagine a mix between a velociraptor, a gibbon, and a nazgul you have about the noise I'm imagining an angry Willowtail makes. An high pitched ear splitting shriek. When he's happy, I'm thinking he makes noises more like a happy capuchin monkey.

As far as Ch4 pg41 goes . . . the top of Shadow's head is missing in the bottom panel because that was originally going to be cut off by the top of the panel, but the top of the panel had to be moved up to give the speech bubbles more room. Because I didn't plan that out very well. Don't worry, that's on my list of things to improve on.

This week for the comic highlight are Theorah's comics. She's made several. My favorite one has been London Underworld, but her newest one, Strangers and Friends, has been really growing on me. She has cool story ideas, awesome characters, and an amazing art style. She is also Naoru on deviantART. I would highly recommend you take a look at her work.

sandraman- Thanks, I am definitely adding visible breath to these pages (hopefully I will remember by the time I get to the part of the process). And I'm glad you're enjoying the new pages. :)

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