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April 6th, 2009, 9:58 am



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Yubria, April 6th, 2009, 10:23 am     Reply

thank you so much, Theorah- i was encouraged and inspired when i read your comment, and rushed off to do this while it lasted. actually, i would've updated yesterday, if i hadn't gone on a x men/Nightcrawler fanart rampage. :)
i think i don't like buildings b/c they usually live in packs, and because i hate trying to get perspective right, and because it's also hard for me to get proportions right. pretty much all of this, tho, could be fixed with practice.

all righty, now for a bit of useless info about the culture/customs of this place that i'm probably the only one who cares a bit about. the sun design is, obviously, Unknown's banner. the little dots at the end of the sun rays are light, and the little crosses represent stars. in the middle panel, there are several larger grey circles- those are moons, and Ciuda has five. occasionally, one moon will be centered in the sun for balance, other times there will be a star on one side, as in the last panel. brownie points to whoever can tell me where else you've seen the sun symbol in this comic. those circular glowy things underneath the road, on the bridge, and in the doorways are magic-filled stones that can produce a strong, nearly impassible, barrier. (Linnak is always high security, esp the citadel- it's like getting on an airplane after a terrorist attack) and the inscription on the building in the bottom panel is something like "May all Kindred live forever Unified." unless i did a typo or something. i was gonna just do squiggles, but i'm a nut for tiny, insignificant detail. "Kindred" and "Kind" are respectful names for the different peoples: elvenkind, orcishkind, a dragon's kindred, etc. and the term "Kindred" used like the inscription refers to all kinds as a whole. the solitary dragon you see flying is solitary because flying kinds generally don't fly around the citadel, out of respect for Unknown, the nobles, and the guards; and also out of respect, flying kinds enter by the gate as a general rule. ummmm... i think that's about it, now that i just wasted ten minutes of your time... (look!! Linnak has its own Leaning Tower of Piza!! :D)*big radio voice* so thanks for watching and tune in next time for Useless Lessons in Fantasy World History and Culture- this is Yubria, signing off. *theme music*

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Theorah, April 6th, 2009, 4:31 pm     Reply

yay another page so soon, that makes me very happy indeed! ^_^ lol I love the two characters bantering away in the pageas well. Its great that youve thought alot about the culture, even if some of these dont show up in the comic that often, they add more to a story and make it extra good :)

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