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Ugh, yes, finally finished! I had every intention of doing a double update but, alas, real life wouldn't allow and bogged me down with school, sickness, and sore... everything. (my horse bucked me off and I made a lovely belly flop right into the dirt. Ouchie.) So right now all I have to say is BEOWULF BEOWULF BEOWULF!!!! Lol, I started British Literature this week and seriously, it's an awesome story. I read the portion of it in my textbook and I was like oooooooh my goodness this is so awesome I have to read more!!! So I got it from the library like, that day. Seriously. I love it. Know what else I love? Amazing Grace. I saw the movie this week and I loved it! Although I didn't quite catch exactly what significance the song had, maybe I should watch it again. :D
To the comic and replies:
Kt- he's green cuz I can make him that way. Ha! Lol in Ciuda the orcs are shades of green, brown, and grey.
Sedna- I know, you don't have to rub it in. I really need to get back into the swing of things.
Theorah- lol I wish I had 7 new pages up... and since you asked for it, here goes...

Ciudan fashion (excluding uniforms/armor): The elves- the elves are pretty much the most prosperous and successful kind, and also pretty much rule the fashion world. Unknown- he isn't too much into fashion, but goes along with what is popular and fits his tastes. The dragons- can't see it too well yet, but the dragons wear clothing similar to the elves, but generally a style or two behind. The dragons live plenty long enough, so they won't buy into a new style until they're sure they like it and it isn't just some fad. Plus, they have the advantage of no one ever daring to laugh at them for being behind the times. The centaurs- there are actually two divisions of centaurs, the 'wild' centaurs (dress like Iavar and don't care one bit for current fashion) and the 'civilized' centaurs (which you can see in Ch2 pg1). The 'civilized' centaurs stick fairly close to what the elves are wearing, with, of course, slight modifications to fit their bodies. On a side note- the 'civilized' centaurs are the ones who determine what is the next big thing in architecture. The humans- they have the same general form of elvish fashion, but take a few more liberties with it. The aratians- the feather is a big symbol with the aratians, especially the silver feather, (mostly white or silver coloring is considered the best) and is repeated all over. The young males claim that wearing anything on their top half makes flying difficult, but I'm not convinced that's the only reason. They tend to wear bright colors to make up for their relatively drab coloration. The ixaq- you can't quite tell it yet, because there really aren't any ixaq that have shown up. However, they have extremely bright natural colors in their fur and wear white, or very close to white, almost all the time. They, like so many others, take from the current elvish fashion with few alterations. The miren- you have also to see a miren in their usual clothing (Willowtail and the miren guard on Ch1 pg19 don't count), but they prefer to stick with their traditional clothing, with some changes. You'll see one in the next page. The naiads- each of them dresses how they want. And the orcs- the orcs base their clothing designs almost entirely on the question 'If I were attacked while wearing this, would I still be able to fight?' Anything that doesn't get an immediate and definite 'yes' is thrown out into the fire. They, as I'm sure you can guess, are a rather war-like kind (how original [/sarcasm]) and are very proud of being so. Unlike the other kinds, they will ALWAYS without fail carry around weopons (here and in their leader's hall are the only exceptions, due to culture stuff) and their clothing, made out of leather, even reflects their armor designs by the shaped metal attached. The males either shave their heads completely (showing that they are active warriors) or allow their hair to grow out into long dreadlocks (showing that they are no longer active warriors). Fun fact: the orcs produce a major portion of the NAK's battle equipment, including all forefighter armor and weapons. I think that's all the kinds... I left out the goblins b/c I haven't given them too much thought as of yet. I'll save my lecture on governments and language use for another page. :)

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Theorah, September 6th, 2009, 2:41 pm     Reply

hhhmm whats going on?? I like how most of the shots of this guys head are from the back, shows alot about the situation and character even without text.
yeah Beowolf!! I love that story too! Its one of the rare things I was taught at school when I was about 8 that I still remember!! XD I like Anglo Saxon mythology in general, its all so epic and strange!
I havnt seen Amazing Grace, but I hear its amazing. Im not sure how its related to the song either...
lol thanks for the information! So Elves are the fashion experts? XD Im not surprised! I like the whole dreadlock thing with the orcs, how interesting.

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