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Yubria, September 26th, 2009, 10:18 pm     Reply

He woulda slammed the door if he could. (but it's like, a tad big for that.) And just in case you care about this kind of stuff, a few more somewhat random facts:
Mignirk is somewhat small for an orc.
"Regxdecx" is the orcish term for their ruler. They have a sort of monarchy with several tribes; the elves function mostly as an oligarchy made up of the more powerful families headed by the queen (Jovan's aunt); the miren live in tribes with little contact with other tribes; the ixaq have a democracy, and so do the goblins; the wild centaurs live in family groups headed by a lead stallion with the support of the other stallions; and I think the aratians may be some sort of democracy/republic too, but I haven't thought too deeply into that yet. Same with the civilized centaurs.
The pretty much universal language is the elvish language, because years ago when all the kinds were still keeping to themselves, the elves needed a larger market for their goods and decided to send out merchants and explorers in search of such. While a few kinds have switched almost exclusive use of the elvish language, (teaching their original languages for sheer tradition) the orcs prefer to stick to their tongue whenever possible. Their mouths and throats are built a bit differently so it's harder for them to speak elvish, and they usually have pretty thick accents when they do.

With that done, I need to go to bed. I just spent nearly six hours painting a wall mural, and now my right shoulder is sore. Also, if anyone has any advice on purchasing Macs (what kind is best, or when/if they go on sale) I'd love to hear it.
Replies: Theorah- I suppose we'll find out, won't we? >:)
daidaishar- They're scars. And I'll say you're right in at least one thing you mentioned. :)

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Theorah, September 27th, 2009, 3:36 pm     Reply

oooh this is very interesting!! 0_0
ha I like this idea that orcs have thick elvish accents, I can really see that :) Maybe as extras between chapters you should have little pages of info on all this stuff, it really adds to the comic

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