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October 17th, 2009, 10:37 pm



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Yubria, October 17th, 2009, 11:11 pm     Reply

Two words: CHARACTER INTERACTION. Can't wait. :D Two other things that are really cool- I have narrowed down almost the entire KoP story (and it's a big one, I tell ya!) into four different sets of character relationships that drive the story through, with a total of five characters. Possibly five relationships with six characters, if you can count the relationship one of them has with himself/herself. XD I'd like to see if anyone can guess who is paired up with who as the story progresses. (not like I'd tell you if you were right!!) AND, for what is possibly the first time in KoP history (and maybe even the history of my making stories) I have come up with two new characters, found out their roles and motives, and the plot HASN'T CHANGED. Not ONE BIT. I'm thrilled, I think the plot is finally done changing every other month! (like you guys care)

SO about the page- it is black and white because I was working like crazy on a scholarship during the first part of the week and couldn't do the pencils for this to save my life, and then the moment after I submitted the scholarship we took off to Denver for two days to 1) visit relatives 2) go to some art stores I've been wanting to go to since July 3) get a makeover (waxing eyebrows HURTS!! and thanks to makeup for more than doubling my get-ready-to-go time) 4) visit a gentleman from our church who is a part of a test group of only 40 people in the whole country to get some sort of brain surgery to cure/improve Parkinson's disease, and the previous test group came through with flying colors. (I think it's easy to tell the main reason we went) And today I had to finish schoolwork and run off to my aunt's pumpkin carving party. :D So, I had tons of fun, but was left with little time to work on the page, and even less time to color it... but I feel like if I don't get this page up this week I won't be as motivated to get next week's done and keep on a roll. So enjoy its digital sketchiness, and here's to hoping I have enough time to color it next week.

Haha, I'm glad you enjoy them, Theorah. Like I said, these two are pretty fun to write. :) It's not just Iavar who's predjudiced- pretty much all centaurs divided into those two groups don't like each other. (although the civi ones call the wild ones "barbaric, uncivilized, stupid brutes" or some such thing) A mere superiority complex on either side, I'm afraid.
I guess I kind of think that elves just age a whole lot more slowly than we do, so a wrinkled elf is a lot older than a similarly wrinkled human. Of course, the different kinds age differently too...

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Theorah, October 18th, 2009, 12:06 pm     Reply

woah! Sounds like youve had a fun week! And wow, you know someone whos trying out that brain surgery thing, hes very very lucky indeed, I have heard that it is a break through treatment.
Its interesting seeing the pace in sketch form like this. I quite like it, but I enjoy seeing stuff in raw/sketch form. lol I kind of wished it was finished only to find out what that giant dragon-shaped thing is in the last panel 0_0
Its nice to hear also that your story is coming along so well, sounds like it may be an epic fantasy comic that will follow through to the end! yay!! (hard to find those even off the internet! XD I know Ive made many fantasy epics that havnt found their ending yet :( )

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