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December 5th, 2009, 9:57 am



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Yubria, December 5th, 2009, 10:19 am     Reply

Wow, so much has happened since the last update it feels like forever! Quick rundown of the highlights: I spent hours in Barnes and Noble on Black Friday and bought a lovely sketchbook and a book of tons of photos of tons of faces making tons of expressions from tons of angles. Monk ended! Best moment of the last 2-part episode was when some guy they arrested and were trying to interrogate was taunting the Captain by saying "What are you going to do? Hit me over the head with a phonebook? Well guess what- they don't use phonebooks anymore. They use *computers*" Next thing you see- Randy asks the Captain if he got an answer and the Captain says yes. Then he hands Randy his laptop and says "Your computer crashed" and it was *very* obvious that he used it to hit someone. XD XD XD Won't say how it ended, but that it was a good ending to it. Ski season started! Well, it's been started for a while in the really expensive, high-end resorts, but the one we can afford to go to finally opened yesterday and we went skiing. It was -6 at the bottom of the mountain, and -10 at the top. We didn't stay out long. It warmed up to about 10 at the top later, but then my glasses started fogging up. Then it started getting colder, and my glasses still fogged up. I'm getting contacts this year. AND- next week my Hist of Civ class FINALLY ends, and on that Saturday, I'm going with a bunch of girls to see the Princess and the Frog!! How cool is that? I didn't even think about the possibility of seeing it in theaters because my dad didn't seem to think it looked very good the first time we saw a trailer for it and I know it's expensive to go to the movies so I didn't really feel like pushing it... but then Vonnie suggested it and I was like Yeah!! and now I'm really getting excited, cuz every time I see another trailer for it on tv it looks more and more interesting!

*ahem* Back to KoP- I figured out a great Christmas filler that I'm in love with already and BOY does Rhinnia look pretty when she's younger!

Jedigal- Thanks! We did have fun. We ended up being "adopted" by the people we were staying with, b/c they're sorta like my aunt's adopted parents and some ppl think she's their daughter, and after my dad was done preaching at their church someone went up to the lady and told her that she really must be proud of her son and she didn't bother to correct her b/c it was a lot easier just to accept the praise. Lol, the rest of our stay we were joking about how we were adopted whether anyone liked it or not! But it was great, b/c they're an awesome couple, and I hope I'm like them when I retire. That book was call Writing for Comics and Graphic Novels or something like that, wasn't it?

Theorah- Lol, not for long. He'd much rather be angry/sarcastic/grumpy/irritable. :) And I'm not sure if I've ever watched anything from the first season, I only started watching it a few years ago and even then I wasn't that into it. Another show I like is Pysch, if you've heard of it. It's about this guy who pretends to be pyschic and gets away with it- it's pretty funny and has a lot of fun (and occasionally emotional) stuff in it.

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Theorah, December 7th, 2009, 4:16 pm     Reply

I adore the second to last panel, there's so much in that, you can tell just from that how much it means to her, how they must really understand each other/be good friends, your drawings and body language say so much for your characters!
OMG you get to see The Princess And The Frog! I cant WAIT to see that! unfortunately for me, I have to wait til February to see it, but I just cant wait, it looks so awesome! yesterday I spent an hour just looking for clips/promos of it on the internet XD Give a report of it on your webcomic when you've seen it, Id really like to know. Ive been waiting for years for Disney to come out with a good old 2D film!!

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