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December 19th, 2009, 7:04 am



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Yubria, December 19th, 2009, 7:38 am     Reply

Aaaaaand Kydi, Ori, and Reanin all get to show up again... along with Kydi's dad, Stastik! Man, he's a fun guy. He's also probably the only elf that is patient enough to grow facial hair (as they either don't have the gene, and/or it takes forever for it to grow in), and he is very fond of his beard. He is a fantastically successfull merchant with a great business head. He worked his way up the social ladder until he became a lord, since he was certainly rich enough. Right now he's doing a daily ritual he's done with Kydi ever since she can remember- discussing the headlines of the day's paper (he discusses the economic/business side of it all, and Kydi brings up the political). She needs it too, poor girl- she's had a rotten last several hours. Not long after Jovan went home last night, she found out what happened and that she was to leave first thing in the morning. This did not sit well with her. After she managed to calm herself sufficiently, she pulled out everything she could think of that she couldn't do without on the trip and went to bed. She woke up very early this morning, and managed to dress and fix her hair and makeup before shuffling down to breakfast... where Stastik recognized that she wasn't in a very good mood and decided he would take her out to eat. That improved her mood somewhat, so then the two showed up in the Dragon Court and sat down to read the paper. Loreliae, Kydi's mom, is going to come in a little bit with all of Kydi's stuff after she and the servants finish packing it. Poor Kydi.

IRL: We watched Blind Side recently, a great movie I'd recommend, even if you don't really like football. And it's looking like if we can find the time, we'll be able to go see that new Christmas Carol movie, b/c we got free tickets or something. :D While we're on the subject of movies, I also really like the movie Luther. It's about Martin Luther (the monk that got the Reformation going) and I liked that a lot too. I'll have to see if I can get the dvd again soon.
And... it's... almost... Christmas!!! :D :D :D Yay! So Merry Almost Christmas, people! Still have some shopping and a lot of wrapping left to do, but that's the fun part! School ends for me today in a few hours! (fyi- being homeschooled means that I get to be on break as soon as I finish all the work my mom wrote down. But at least I don't have homework over break.) (man, I do such long author comments)

And thank you for your comments!
Yes he does, Theorah! We'll hear more of her later. And yeah, as you can probably tell I was very pleased with the motives and all, I thought they added a lot to the story. I think my favorite song was the one that all the fireflies sang... I don't remember its name though... when can you see it?

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Theorah, December 19th, 2009, 3:53 pm     Reply

wow these little details you add in for your characters! If there was ever enough time in the world it would be great to add in these little stories in comic form, they can show so much about characters and get you more involved, unfortunately for us comikers time is always an issue! :)
If I dont get a chance to say it later, then Happy Christmas! ^_^ I havnt seen any of those films, I'll add them to my lovefilm list (the most convienent website of all time)
I cant see Princess Frog until Feburary...:( why is the UK so bad at getting animations over here on time???

Things that go boom, November 25th, 2010, 3:34 pm     Reply

thats what I do to my horse when he tries to nip me when I'm saddling him :p

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