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February 2nd, 2010, 7:24 am



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Yubria, February 2nd, 2010, 7:50 am     Reply

As promised, here it is. With a little character developement, even. Not to mention our winged friend has an official name now... make that two.
I'd say you're right, Aether, in more than one way. (and I'd agree with you on the twin thing, but then I have a soft spot for ALL my main characters so I'm not sure if that even counts.

And I don't suppose we've covered titles yet, have we? No? Good. I'll try to be quick. The titles of the working class are them names of the occupations- Iavar is a wilderness hunter, so that is how he introduces himself to someone, or how someone addresses him. BUT Iavar is actually a MASTER wilderness hunter, which changes things. A worker can gain the title of master when he/she shows a reputation for a lot of things, including fair prices, good quality, and trustworthiness, and is recommended to the local board by more than one person. The board then examines the candidate's work and decides if the title of master is acceptable. If it is, the master gets a special liscense that allows him/her more trade in more places, get more customers, etc and so on and so forth. Not that complicated. The noble/royal class varies a bit more between kinds/nations, but it's the same general rule. The ruling couple is called the king and queen, relatives of the ruling couple are called princes and princesses, and most everyone else is called a lord or lady. Of course. But, between the ruling couple, the title "High" is given to the one who is ultimately more important (as in High Queen Sankja) while the other is given "Lord/Lady". For the princes and princesses, the same general rule applies, but "High" is given to the person next in succession (High Princess Seren) and "Lord" is given to that person's spouse, or the next person in succession (Lord Prince Joiell). The lesser royalty, who are too distantly related to the ruling family to get a better title, are known as High Lords or High Ladies. Got that? Good. When addressing someone, it IS acceptable to shorten the titles (like saying Fighter instead of Forefighter) but only as long as it doesn't lower the person's status. "Master Iavar" is fine, "Hunter Iavar" is not, since a master outranks a hunter (of course, if you're high enough on the ladder, you can address anyone anyway and they won't correct your mistake). Same with royalty and such. For courtesy's sake, addressing an inferior as a peer is acceptable.

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Jedigal16, February 2nd, 2010, 5:28 pm     Reply

I know how he feels, I don;t like riding horses either. Very uncomfortable :(. Anyways, it always amazazes me how intricately detailed you are about your characters universe.Its like you came from there or something LOL. Good page to BTW. I love the way your characters interact so narurally!

Theorah, February 3rd, 2010, 2:08 pm     Reply

aw, poor reanin! Its great how he just bears through things he doesnt like doing though 0_0

oh thats interesting, these bits of info always add to the story somewhat.

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