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June 20th, 2010, 10:40 pm



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Yubria, June 20th, 2010, 11:02 pm     Reply

2 Page Update!

Finally. Either SmackJeeves or Photoshop was being really weird and made it hard to upload the pages tonight. :P

But that's beside the point. Decided that flashbacks are going to be greyscale with a slight twinge of color. A webcomic I was reading had a similarly colored page (but only because they didn't have time to do it full color XD) and I thought it looked kinda cool.

2 random facts about Ciudan life: 1- the forefighters are largely humans and elves: goblins are highly restricted in their rights *coughGoblinWarcough* and aren't really allowed to join, the orcs are insanely loyal to their own tribes/kind and consider it their highest calling to serve their leader, the centaurs find it extremely hard (but not impossible) to complete the tests required to be a forefighter, the ixaq tend to prefer to stay in their birthplace, the dragons think too highly of themselves to mingle with other kinds, the naiads are few and far between and stick to water in the first place, the miren live short lives (30 years) so it seems like there are fewer forefighters from their kind (although they make excellent fighters and acrobats), any aratians that fight well are drafted into the Svinn-Gaar (more on that later), and as far as the essence go, Unknown is the only one known to exist. And yeah, the story changed and they're a mercenary group now. With a secret hideout. :) More on that later.
2- Willowtail loves collecting rare/magic items. I don't know why, but he's fascinated by them, has an extensive collection, and will gladly pay enormous amounts out of his own pocket for something new (nothing new has popped up lately, though, since he has such a big collection). Unfortunately, that pen, however expensive it was, wasn't rare or magical so he has no qualms about tossing it around.

And I so wouldn't want to work on his janitorial staff. His office tends to reflect his mood. D:

Thanks, Theorah! That was easily the most enjoyable page in a long time. :)
Lol, Jedigal- Willowtail says if you call him that again he'll tear one of your arms off (or he'll laugh, depending on what mood he's in).

BTW before I forget, I'm going to be updating on Sundays now. Just works better.

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Theorah, June 21st, 2010, 2:48 pm     Reply

Seems like plot is pushing along amongst the character development, things are getting interesting ^_^

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