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In short, Second Generation is about a family trying to survive a war between two powerful emperors and a 19 year-old obsession. If 2G were a movie, I would rate it a PG or PG-13 for violence.

I came up with the idea for Second Generation, then called Keepers of the Peace, in October 2008 by sitting down in front of a notebook and thinking "Ok, so I know I like dragons, centaurs, and elves (and I might as well throw in a human too). What sort of a story can I make out of this?" and the first of the characters came to life- Iavar, Reanin, Kydera, Ori, and Nic.

They haven't left me since, unfortunately.

But as long as they refuse to leave, I might as well make a story out of them, right? So here is Second Generation- radically changed from its original starting point and now a very long- but hopefully very enjoyable- story for your enjoyment and mine.

Me (the author)

Not much to say here, really, except that I love my God Who gave me the desire to draw with every waking moment of my life (a link to my deviantART account is in the links section) and my favorite Bible passage is Psalm 19 (you should read it- it's great). That, and I'm constantly plagued by characters demanding to be given stories. Between the two (drawing and stories) I figured comics might be a good way to go, so I gave it a try (KotP is my first serious attempt). By God's everlasting grace, I'll be good at comics one day.

Main Characters

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Orafnir (Ori) Feurlowe

Oronic (Nic) Feurlowe


Reanin Vosperro

Iavar Thundergait


Kydera (Kydi) Casimir

Sijenjee (Shadow) Dreeoo

Minor Characters

Yochtee Spikedback



The Drycotts


The Casimirs



Merovek and Phaone

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a f f i l i a t e s


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